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  • If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    You may or may not be familiar with this quote from Bernard Baruch but it's something of a mantra at Gasp; a small, family-run, award winning marketing and communications agency who are proudly media-neutral.

    Hell-bent on making our clients more profitable, we think simply and intelligently to deliver strategies across the increasingly fragmented media landscape.

    Our focus and results remain consistent; making our clients more successful.

    Clients come to us with problems. We then solve them using the tools at our disposal. Described by The Drum as “fearless and inventive”, we’ve left golf balls in people’s gardens, sent cardboard-engineered reindeers across Europe and laid down rain-activated ads on the streets. Recent strategies include:

    • MOBILE
    • VIDEO
    • PRINT
    • PR
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  • The key is fully understanding the problem and desired outcome. 90% of marketing doesn’t work. For a reason. Misdiagnosis, losing focus of the communication, believing the channel itself is the answer and falling into the “me too” trap, are all too common.

    The means with which we can communicate should be empowering not intimidating. Digital, social and mobile provide us with a mass of tools and it is our task to craft the right strategies to tackle the right problems to reach the right outcome.

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An agency is little else if not the sum of its parts, which is why we employ an eclectic band of friendly and interesting professionals at various stages of their careers.

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    Our team was established in 2009 with the founding partners, Giles and Sophie Edwards (and the furry third partner, Miffles) who felt inspired to grow a family-run agency that embraces new forms of communication and doesn’t hide behind jargon.

    You have pain points and we know we can help. Several of our clients will attest to us being good listeners, so why not give us a call?

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  • Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does. - Steuart Henderson Britt

I can’t recommend Gasp highly enough for their skills in advertising. They understood our brand right from the get-go and came up with great ideas to engage the community and drive sales to our park. On top of that they’re a great bunch of people too!

Sarah Sims, Managing Director, Gravity Force

I contacted Gasp after reading their monthly newsletter. They answered tough briefs and deadlines with imagination and commitment. You work with companies again that you trust to get the job done. I look forward to working with Gasp again soon.

Kirsty Montgomery, European Head of Acquisition, Staples

The input and expertise from Gasp to develop the sOccket brand ready for mass distribution and marketing has been invaluable. It was really exciting to see the brand come to life. Gasp is creative, innovative and full of fresh ideas; Thank you!

Jessica Matthews, Co-Inventor, sOccket

We’ve worked with Gasp for years and they really came into their own with the innovative A Short Drive Guerilla Marketing campaign. We thought it was a brilliant, fun idea, and we’re still working through the many opportunities it has delivered.

Peter Lumley, Chairman, Windlesham Golf Club

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Our diverse portfolio is naturally reflective of the blank canvas that media neutrality allows. We’ve left golf balls in people’s gardens, sent cardboard-engineered reindeers across Europe and laid down rain-activated ads on the streets. So please take a look at our eclectic array of fully-bloomed ideas here.

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The broad spectrum of our clients reflects that one thing transcends all business industries and sectors: clued-up brands and institutions always seek the best solution possible.

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